How To Be A Greener Christian

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 27th of May 2022

Christians and Jews are among the most Earth couscous people i know.  Perhaps it is down to the popularity of science in the Church or the need to show respect to God's creation, but being green and environmentally friendly is like the eleventh commandment among long-term practising Christians. Therefore, if you are new to Christianity being green is as important as anything else otherwise you are going to look odd.  With this in mind, what are the top things you can do to be that green Christian that sets the standards?


Replace your electric or petrol lawnmower with a push one

Not only can you save money, but save the environment too all at the same time.  Push lawnmowers are brilliant these days and about half the price of a motorised counterpart.  Obviously, if you have a massive garden it might not be viable, but for the average garden it is just fine.  Mine was easy to assemble and easy to use.  Notably, they come with adjustable blades, so if it is a bit hard to push, just slightly adjust the blades and it will be a breeze to use.


Ditch the car

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you walk to work? 
  • Can you bike to work?
  • Can you take public transport to work?
  • Can you walk to Church?
  • Can you bike to Church? 
I have learned that i can bike very easily for up to about 3-5 miles, which means i can easily bike into town for shopping, church and work.  This has saved me a fortune in money already and is improving my health.

I have a basket on the front of my bike and pannier bags on the rear rack, which makes shopping in town easy.  However, if you have a family, you might want to use the local store or order online and have it delivered.  


Go plastic free or better still be zero waste

I have already written about this so check out some of these blogs below.  The main idea is that consumers buy less or no products in any kind of packaging if possible or just cut out plastic packaging.

I have been doing my best to live a zero waste life for a few years now.  Although it is not easy and i am far from perfect at it, a zero waste life is possible if you are prepared to make some changes and compromises. 

Go Vegan

Yes, turning vegan is super easy these days and will lower you carbon footprint.  Not only will you be a lot healthier you will also be in good company with this modern way of living.  As of yet, being a vegan is still only popular with the more educated or sophisticated. 



Turn off instead of leaving on standby

These little LEDs might have you thinking that they are harmless.  However, they are using a small amount of energy, which if you add it up over the year and combine it with everyone else, it accounts for a huge amount of wasted energy.  Have a look around your home and see just how many there are. 

Extension leads

Swap these if you can for ones that have no lights.  It is good practice to switch these off and unplug them from the wall when not in use anyway.


If you still have a landline phone, swap it for one that has no answer machine or any LEDs.  


Computers, TVs, Monitors, and games consoles

It maybe tempting to leave your computer or games console on standby so it can update while you are asleep, but these little standby lights are costing you a fortune!  The best thing to do is turn them off and save the plant and you bank account. 

Use a shopping bag

Stop using plastic carrier bags and use something like my Nan and everyone else was using in the 70s. These bags last for ever and can carry a fare bit of weight.

Being green has never been so easy or so difficult.  If you think about it an are prepared to make compromises and changes then it is easy, but if you are a stick in the mud that can't change or wont change, then it is be a hard slog for you. 


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