How To Go Plastic Free And Vegan

By McDonald, T.  |  Updated 25th of October 2021

The Earth is not only our home, but the home of many other creatures.  We have all seen and heard of the problems caused by pollution, but what can we do to solve the problem?  Even if you are not a scientist you can still help by making some simple changes in your life. 


What you need to do

Find a good range of shops so you can get all the things you need.  You will be able to find shops online and locally.  When you are looking for food, try to choose produce that is not in plastic.  For example, choose loose mushrooms instead of ones in plastic trays.  You can buy produce bags to put things like mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and other veg in. 

Produce bags with mushrooms, carrot and red onions
Produce bags

Look for the lose vegan and fruit.  In addition, look for zero waste shops in your local area. They will have dispensers that you use to fill up a container that you bring with you.

Dispensers with spoons



What you need to do

Get rid of all plastic such as: 



Replace with


Washing-up liquid.


Bar of soap

Cardboard or naked

Washing liquid or powder

Plastic or cardboard

Foam detergent


Fabric conditioner.


Conditioner ball

*Cardboard on initial purchase

Cling film

Plastic and cardboard

*Wax wraps or silicon stretches

*Cardboard on initial purchase

Cleaning products

Plastic spray bottle

Detergent sheets


* Watch out for the wax wraps because some of them use bees wax, which is not vegan. 

* Cardboard on initial purchase means it comes in cardboard, but you only have to buy it once. 

Types of washing detergent

TruEarth Eco Strips

EcoZone Soap nuts

Use silicon stretches instead of cling film.

I got the silicon stretches from a supermarket.

Enviroli has a selection of washing-up bars:

  • LoofCo
  • St Monday 

Use these in place of washing-up liquid. 


If you use a shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle, change to a shampoo bar.  Shampoo bars can vary in price so look around.  Using a shampoo bar is easy, fun and the bar lasts for ages.

Enviroli has a selection of shampoo bars and soaps:


Wild Sage + Co Has soap and shampoo bars as well as many other products.

Boots in the UK high street has shampoo bars. 

Tesco in the UK high street has shampoo bars.

It is worth noting there is a lot of ladies stuff such as make-up and toiletries in the plastic free shops you just have to look around a bit with search terms such as plastic free or vegan within the search query you are making. 

Other toiletries


You out for a product with no plastic.  Sometimes they have plastic lids.  


 Dentil Hygiene



Bamboo toothbrush


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