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Vegan Meat Pie

  Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 9th of October 2023   Although there are many great vegan meat pies on the market, I miss the homemade variety.  Since making a pie is so easy if you are willing to cheat, I thought I would put this simple but tasty pie together.  It has a puff pastry crust with a vegan meat and gravy filling.

Vegan Egg, Sausage, and Bacon Pie

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 25th of September 2023   This is one of those recipes I used to make with my Nan as a boy.  It was always a favourite of mine and would only be made on special occasions.  This pie has a great combination of flavours without missing out on the oily textures associated with this classic 70s pie. Notes I used crackD egg alternative for the egg substitute. I used this isn't bacon lardons. I used naked taste vegan sausages. I used ready rolled short crust pastry for the store.  I found using a baking dish with a removable bottom helped a lot.  If the pastry domes when you blind bake it, prod it with a folk.    Makes a pie with dimensions of  Time, about 30 to 35 minutes. Ingredients Egg replacement x 150 g Vegan bacon lardons x 100 g Vegan sausages x 2 Red onion, finely chopped x 1/4  Salt x pinch Vegan cheese, grated x 30 g Short crust pastry x 200 g. Apparatus Shallow baking dish with 21 cm in diameter. Frying pan Knives  Spatula Method Preheat the

Homemade Vegan Meatless Pie

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 21st of August 2023       I love a good pie and this is just what I needed!  Very simple and tasty. This pie is easy and has is reminiscent of a mince meat and onion pie.  I used TVP as the mince and flavoured it with balsamic vinegar.