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Baked Sweet Potato

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 31st of October 2022   Whether you call them Jacket potatoes or baked potatoes they're always great, so how about using a sweet potato instead of a white one? Sweet potatoes are actually sweet in taste and packed full of vitamin A.  Additionally,  there're orange in colour on the inside with a brown skin on the outside.  Notably, I find they cook quicker than white potatoes and are definitely softer after cooking. 

Vegan Calzone

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 24th of October 2022 If you like pizza, this is a must try!  Calzone is basically a small folded pizza baked in the oven that resembles a Cornish pasty in looks.  However, unlike a Cornish pasty, it has a pizza filling such as pepperoni. You can choose what ever filling you like, but I will be using the Catholic vegan pepperoni filling.  While a New Yorker filling has just cheese and pepperoni, a Catholic vegan pepperoni filling has cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, onion and green pepper.  Although you can choose any filling, this one is one of my favourites. 

No Tuna Pasta Bake

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 17th of October 2022 I first learned about tuna pasta bake as a young support worker in supported living and quickly gained a liking for it.  However, since becoming a vegan, I have not found a recipe for it that takes my liking until now.  You may have had jackfruit burgers or curry as it is sometimes used as a pulled pork substitute.  Nonetheless, it works fine as a tuna substitute in this recipe.  

Vegan Garlic Sauce

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 10th of October 2022 Garlic sauce is great with kebabs, salads and many other foods.  There is no great secret to making this strong flavoured creamy white sauce, so anyone can easier make it.  I use it as a sauce on some dishes and as a dip.  I love to dip white cabbage and sticks of carrot into it. 

How to make Cashew Lime Cream

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 3rd of October 2022      If you are looking for a blob of something to go on your chilli, this is it!  This cream is great for curries, chilli, bolognaises or anything else you fancy, even pancakes and desserts.  It is very easy and quick to make once the nuts have soaked.  Keeps in the fridge for 5 -7 days.