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Banana Fruit Loaf

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 13th of May 2024 This is a bit of a combination between a fruit loaf and banana bread.  I love this bread so much and make it all the time.  It is great at any time of day as a snack or even as a dessert. It is easy to make and keeps for a week or more in the fridge.

Banana Bread With Rum Soaked Raisins

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 24th of January 2024 I love this loaf because it needs no proofing since it contains no yeast.  Once you have mixed all the ingredients together, you can put it straight in the oven.  This banana bread has a warm spiced flavour due to the mixed spice and rum soaked raisins.  Notes I used stevia to reduce the calories. Make sure you use really rib bananas.  Most recipes will tell you to mash with a folk; however, I use a masher, it's much quicker. I used dark rum to soak the raisins.  Check the rum is vegan.    Ingredients 3–4 very ripe bananas, mashed (about 400 g – 500 g peeled) 1 tbsp of caster sugar or stevia 200g of self-raising flour 100g of strong wholemeal flour 100g raisins soaked in rum or other flavouring 2 tsp ground mixed spice 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp of vegetable oil  120 ml of water Apparatus H 6 cm x W 11 cm x D 21 cm loaf tin Large mixing bowl Wooden spoon Balloon whisk Measuring spoons  Spatula  Method  Pee

Vegan Banana And Oat Bread

  Banana bread with figs and cherries Banana bread with cranberries and nuts Written by McDonald, T.   |  Updated 2nd of April 2023     This recipe is the best I have for banana bread.  It is low in salt and high in taste!  It is very simple to make and easy to eat.  I wanted something that was easy, healthy, and tasty so I looked around for the perfect recipe, but I just couldn't find what I was looking for.  Don't get me wrong, they were all great, but I wanted something vegan and simple so I came up with this.  It is firm but not too chewy and just sweet enough.  When it comes to banana bread, I like it to be more like bread pudding than bread and that is what this recipe gives.  If you like to watch how to make the recipe, a video is provided at the end of the blog.  In addition, it is possible to use different fruits and nuts and you can leave out the apple sauce if you are concerned about packaging.