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Jacob's Red Stew

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 27th of March 2023        Who is Jacob?  Why is his stew so important? The story comes from the Old Testament Book of Genesis.  Jacob and Esau were brothers, the sons of Isaac and Rebecca.  According to the story in Genesis 25, Esau is so hungry that he trades his birth right for a bowl of stew!  While the beans and lentils fill the stew with textures and nutrition, the flavours come from the seasoning and spices.

Fried Aubergine And Vegetable Rice With Yoghurt Sauce

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 20th of March 2023 Looking for something tasty that doesn't make you feel bloated?  I loved this dish because it was so tasty and light on my stomach.  Interestingly enough, I got this recipe from a chief in an eating disorder clinic and made a few alterations to it to reduce the calories and make it vegan.  Nonetheless, it still has a lot of flavour and packs some great nutrition. Notes Follow the link for how to make the Greek style yoghurt sauce . You can add a bit of pale cream sherry to the aubergine while it is frying. Serves 1 Time – 20 minutes Ingredients  Aubergine x 2 thick slices Rice x 1/4 cup (dried) Mixed veg 100 g Soya sauce x 1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar x tbsp Yoghurt sauce x 1 serving Salt x a pinch Apparatus Medium sized frying pan with a lid.  Small saucepan. Wooden spatula. Method Start boiling the brown rice with the mixed veg in the same saucepan.  Pour the balsamic vinegar and soya sauce into the frying pan. (on oil). Turn up

A Vegan's Irish Stew

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 16th of March 2023 Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day! Yay!  With this in mind, why not have an Irish stew?  You can make a big pot of it and treat your party guests to a hearty meal.  After all that celebrating, your guests are bound to be hungry, right? This is such an easy and delightful meal that is a huge winner for everyone.  In addition, you can make some soda bread to go with it.  Moreover, this is a very easy meal to veganise.  You either just leave out the meat or use tofu or a meat substitute.  

Vegan Greek Style Yoghurt Sauce

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 13th of March 2023 This is a very easy a simple sauce you can use with a surprising number of dishes. It has maximum flavour and is ready in not time 30 minutes.  Furthermore, it is very versatile and can make the base to other more complicated sauces.

Tagliatelle with Bacon and Mushrooms

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 6th of March 2023  This is quick and simple.  This dish is more about flavour than nutrition, so if you are looking for something low in calories, this is not it.  The mushrooms are tender and juicy and the sauce is full of flavour from the white wine and vegan cream.