This page is intended to provide you with the resources and technical skills that you need to start evangelising online whether it is for Christ or Veganism or both.  

Video and YouTube Section

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Catholic Resources - exploring your faith

Vegan Activist Starter Kit

First, you really need to join a group.  I recommend The Vegan Society and Missionaries (Work Zone) for God's Animal Kingdom on Twitter.  Follow me and ask to join and i will add you. You will have to be a Christian and a vegan though. 

Second, volunteer and try to complete the tasks that you get sent. 

Third, sign up to the news letters and use that information to post on your social media feeds and when you talk to people about vegan lifestyle.  You will likely get people asking you what it is like talking to other Christians about veganism, when this happens it is best to just be honest. 

Many action groups will provide you with templates of letters that you can send to local business and politicians and all you have to do is put your name in and some other details like the name of the MP or business you are writing to. 

Remind people of the health benefits.  Check out these websites for info.


Watch the YouTube video Dairy Is Scary to educate yourself about the dairy industry. Don't worry it is not to difficult viewing. I chose this video because it is under 5 minutes and has quick snappy information about the dairy industry. Watch out for the bit on puss in the milk.

What happens in slaughter houses?

Warning! The following videos are difficult viewing.


Land of Hope and Glory



Demolishing meat eating arguments

Are humans omnivores, carnivores or herbivores?


Vegans and the environment. 

These videos are aimed at informing you about the impact our diet has on the environment and are interesting rather than difficult viewing.

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