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How Numbers relates to your baptism.

By T. McDonald . | Date 14th of September 2019 Numbers is the fourth book of the Pentateuch, which in Judaism is called the Torah.   The Pentateuch/Torah consists of five books all by Moses under the influence of and inspired by G-d.   Numbers relates to your post baptism life by symbolising:   a journey with G-d and the trust it requires; and grumbling to G-d. Numbers symbolises how a journey with Jesus requires trust.   After leaving Egypt, the Israelites stayed at mount Sinai for a year.   At the end of this year, a census is conducted and instructions of how the tribes where to be arranged around the tabernacle given.   The tabernacle was to be at the centre with the twelve tribes around the Levites and the priests.   This is a key point: G-d is to be at the centre.   This raises some questions, is G-d at the centre of your life; do you trust Jesus?   Do you wish you had never started this journey with Jesus or are you feeling optimistic about the future?   Getting