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Tropical Overnight Oats

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date 19th of February 2024 I love overnight oats because they are so easy to make, yet so tasty!  You just put most of it in a jar with vegan milk and leave it overnight.  I guess that is why it's called overnight oats.  There are lots of versions and this is the tropical fruit one. Enjoy! Notes I tried adding the banana chips earlier and leaving it overnight, but they lost a lot of flavour.  It was the same for the papaya and pineapple pieces. You can use any vegan milk, but the coconut milk alternative works best.  This is not the coconut milk you get in a can.  Providing you are not intolerant to wheat or have a wheat allergy, you can add a tbsp of wheat bran. Although oats are gluten free, they can be easily contaminated when packaged on factories. Ingredients Rolled oats x 40 g Coconut milk alternative x 200 ml Chia seeds x 1 tsp Flaxseed x 1 tsp A few banana chips  Sultanas x 1 tbsp Papaya and pineapple pieces x 1 tbsp Desiccated coconut x 1.5 tb

Vegan Lahmacun

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date ?th of ? 2022 This is so easy. It is vegan much like a pizza, but on flat bread.  Unlike pizza, which has many variations of toppings, lahmacun has one type of topping, which is like bolognaise sauce. Although some people use the oven method, I think that makes it too much like a pizza, so I prefer to stovetop method to keep it a little more different. Notes  You can wrap it up like a burrito or cut it into slices like a pizza. For that little extra, add a couple of teaspoons of vegan red pesto to the sauce.   Makes 1 lahmacun Time 15 – 20 minutes   Ingredients  For base Strong bread flour x 80 g Water x 40 ml Salt x a pinch For sauce Tomato x 1 medium Tomato purée x 1 tbsp Garlic x 1 clove crushed Lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon Cumin powder x a pinch TVP x 20 g Chilli pepper x 1/2 For extra topping A few slices of onion A few pieces of chopped tomatoes Small amount of vegan cheese A chilli pepper Fresh herbs Method Step 1 – Make the dough for the flatb