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Vegan Lahmacun

Written by McDonald, T.   |  Date ?th of ? 2022 This is so easy. It is vegan much like a pizza, but on flat bread.  Unlike pizza, which has many variations of toppings, lahmacun has one type of topping, which is like bolognaise sauce. Although some people use the oven method, I think that makes it too much like a pizza, so I prefer to stovetop method to keep it a little more different. Notes  You can wrap it up like a burrito or cut it into slices like a pizza. For that little extra, add a couple of teaspoons of vegan red pesto to the sauce.   Makes 1 lahmacun Time 15 – 20 minutes   Ingredients  For base Strong bread flour x 80 g Water x 40 ml Salt x a pinch For sauce Tomato x 1 medium Tomato purée x 1 tbsp Garlic x 1 clove crushed Lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon Cumin powder x a pinch TVP x 20 g Chilli pepper x 1/2 For extra topping A few slices of onion A few pieces of chopped tomatoes Small amount of vegan cheese A chilli pepper Fresh herbs Method Step 1 – Make the dough for the flatb