Vegan Egg, Sausage, and Bacon Pie

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 25th of September 2023 

This is one of those recipes I used to make with my Nan as a boy.  It was always a favourite of mine and would only be made on special occasions.  This pie has a great combination of flavours without missing out on the oily textures associated with this classic 70s pie.


  • I used crackD egg alternative for the egg substitute.
  • I used this isn't bacon lardons.
  • I used naked taste vegan sausages.
  • I used ready rolled short crust pastry for the store. 
  • I found using a baking dish with a removable bottom helped a lot. 
  • If the pastry domes when you blind bake it, prod it with a folk. 


Makes a pie with dimensions of 

Time, about 30 to 35 minutes.


  • Egg replacement x 150 g
  • Vegan bacon lardons x 100 g
  • Vegan sausages x 2
  • Red onion, finely chopped x 1/4 
  • Salt x pinch
  • Vegan cheese, grated x 30 g
  • Short crust pastry x 200 g.


  • Shallow baking dish with 21 cm in diameter.
  • Frying pan
  • Knives 
  • Spatula


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C. 
  2. Grease the baking tin. 
  3. Line the baking tin with the pastry and cut off any unneeded pastry.
  4. Blind bake the pastry for about 10 minutes on the lower middle shelf.
  5. While the pastry base is in the oven, lightly fry the sausage in a little olive oil.  Once it starts to brown, remove and cut it up into thick slices and put back in the frying pan. 
  6. Lightly fry the bacon lardons and chopped onion with the sliced sausage.
  7. When ready, remove the pastry base from the oven and allow to cool just a little. 
  8. Add the sausage, bacon lardons and onion.  Spread around as evenly as possible. 
  9. Pour the egg replacement over the sausage, bacon, and onion. 
  10. Add the vegan cheese alternative evenly to the top of the pie and place back in the oven for about 12 - 15 minutes. 
  11. Remove from the oven when ready and allow to cool a little for about 1 minute will do.  You might find that the middle of the pie lifts with the heat and that is why it is a good idea to let it cool a bit first.
Blind bake the pastry base first.

Fry the meat substitutes and onion.


I was so surprised at how good this pie was.  It was every bit as good as the pies i used to make with my Nan as a boy.  The egg replacement worked brilliantly as did the cheese alternative, which melted as expected.


I hope that you liked this blog and if you do try this recipe, please let me know how you got on and what it turned out like. You can leave a comment in the comments below.



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