Vegan Oral Hygiene

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 30th of December 2020

The world is an amazing creation that would be better if we stopped polluting it.  Veganism goes further than food and drink; it incudes the philosophy of not messing up the world for other animals too. This idea includes thinking about waste and recycling.  As a result,  plastic free shopping becomes an objective for a vegan were we look for products that don't damage the wild life and are easily recycled.  Personal care and grooming is essential and not exempt from the vegan philosophy.  With this in mind, what types of products are out there that an aspiring vegan can find?  Well it turns out they are lots to choose from.  I will examine, but a few of the amazing vegan bathroom goodies that are kind to animals and plastic free.

Everything I tested came from Enviroli


I tried toothpaste from Eco Living and was pleasantly surprised. It really is as simple as chewing the tab until it foams up and then brushing.  After brushing, my teeth did feel clean.  What i like about toothpaste tabs is they have an exact amount to use, so you can't go wrong planning the years supply.  Eco Living have a handy reusable tin that holds a mouths supply with refill bags available.  Since i was so impressed, I have decided to use these from now on.

Eco Living toothpaste tablets in resuable tin


Most toothbrushes are made of plastic, so why not try one made of bamboo? Yes that's right, you can get bamboo toothbrushes.  Unfortunately, the bristles are still nylon.  You might have seen the Colgate ones in the supermarket, but they are expensive.  It pays to look online where you will find you can get a whole years supply for the same price.  The toothbrushes I am trying are Environmental, a one peace toothbrush and Eco Bravo, which has changeable heads.  After testing both, I was pleased with the results.  However, i was disappointed that the back of both toothbrushes lacked any ridges for cleaning the tongue.  Neither did either toothbrush have different size bristles for better cleaning. Nonetheless, i am converted and intend using a bamboo toothbrush from now on. 

Environmental toothbrush box displaying that it is ethically sourced


Mouthwash comes in a plastic bottle, which although is usually recyclable, I still like to cut the plastic out altogether.  The Georganics mouthwash tablets are really different.  They come in a glass jar with a metal lid, witch makes it recyclable.  Most notable is the strong pleasant smell of spearmint.  After placing a tablet in some water and gargling i couldn't help but feel disappointed because it was tasteless and lacked bite.  However, it did the job and i will use these tablets from now on rather than buying something in a plastic bottle. 

Georganics mouthwash tablets in a glass jar

I hope this blog has inspired you into trying out a more environmentally friendly way of living.  Please leave a comment on if you liked the blog or if you have found better products elsewhere.



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