6 Vegan Meals For That Special Man In Your Life

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 11th of February 2021

You are vegan and you boyfriend is not: what do you cook for him? This is a dilemma that i have seen popping up a lot.  The problem is how do you cook a vegan meal that a regular meat eater will love? 

1. Vegan pasty, chips and veg

There are two makes that i have tried: Fry's and Gingster.  Both have a light pasty pastry that is just like or even better than non-vegan pastry.  I have seen two types of Ginster vegan pasty: Moroccan and Quorn.  Both are great, but the Moroccan one does it for me.  Have the pasty with some chunky chips, veg or beans.  This is a satisfying meal to impress your meat eating man without leaving him disappointed. 

Two vegan cornish pasty style dinners with chips being compared

2. Chili con frijoles or vegan Chili con carne 

While Chili con carne means chilli with meat, Chili con frijoles means chilli with beans.  Being a versatile dish it's options are to serve with rice, over a jacket potato or even over chips.  If you opt for the jacket potato, you have a choice of white or sweet potato.  In any case, topping it with some nutritional yeast adds both flavour and B12.

3. Roast potatoes with roasted vegetables.

This is never going to fail to satisfy not with some lovely vegan gravy.  You can make it special by adding pomegranate carrots, you have not lived until you have tried these carrots, and serving with some avocado.  To make perfect roast potatoes and roasted veg, check out this blog.  

Roast potatoes in a dish
Vegan roast dinner

4. Vegan Gado Gado.

This is a variation on a classic Indonesian salad, which includes mock meat and rice with a peanut butter sauce.  Subsequently, this is a great meal if he is the more adventurous type.  It is like a stir fry in a tasty sauce, not the peanut butter sauce, on a bed of rice.  The main ingredients are green beans, carrot, red onion, chilli, bell pepper and garlic. Obviously, the peanut butter sauce is always a crowd puller and pleaser as long as neither of you have a peanut allergy.

Vegan Gado Gado on a chopping board with chilli, garlic and beans

5. Latin fried potato salad with avocado and fried sourdough

Although this dish is mainly for spring and summer, it's good any time of the year.  The potatoes and fried sourdough will appeal to his masculinity while the avocado will help to broaden his tastes if needed. Advantages are that it's quick to through together although the potato will need boiling before frying. 

Fried potato with avocado and fried sourdough bread

6. Peanut butter Curry With Pineapple Fried Rice.

If you want to really impress him with your fancy cooking skills, peanut butter curry is a great choice.  The pineapple fried rice will make him question it at first, but once he has tried it he well be hooked.  Peanut butter is liked by most people unless they have a nut allergy. This is both loaded with taste and can be as spicy as you like it.  The vegan Quorn will taste a bit like chicken.

Peanunt Butter Curry in a bowl on a sunny day

Hopefully you have some great ideas of what to cook him without offending his taste buds. Please leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe.


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