Vegan Dinners For Men

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 30th of March 2021

If you are new to veganism, you might find the transition very difficult at times.  Men tend to like certain types of dinners and that is usually the cause of failure because we crave a dinner like our Mum would cook, something chunky, something to bit into.  However, the modern vegan man has many new and exciting options to choose from that will satisfy that need for something more manly. 

Vegan stake and chips

There are two vegan stakes that i have tried: Plant Chef and Viva.  Both are great, but the Plant Chef is slightly better I think.

Peanut Butter Curry

This is a dinner that dreams are made of! Coconut milk, spies and the most amazing peanut flavour.  This is a great meal anytime of the year and is not that hard to prepare.

Garlic Mushroom And Cheesy Peppers With Sweet Potato Mash 

This is a dinner with a difference.  Can be veganised easily by using vegan cheese.  This is full of flavour and great with salad.

Vegan Burger And Chips

Their are several vegan burgers to choose from in the modern supermarket.  I have never met a man that didn't like a burger.  These ones are all vegan. 

Vegan All Day Breakfast

One of the most missed meals by men who have made the transition from meat based to plant based diet is the full English Breakfast.  However, nowadays there is a lot of choice.

Vegan Pie and Mash

What man doesn't like pie and mash?  This is a winner from Fry's.  Their pepper-stake pie is great with wonderful pastry and filling. 

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