Vegan Pie And Mash


By McDonald, T.  |  Date 20th of January 2021

If you want something different from the fancy vegan dinners, this is basic and yummy!  The pie is 100% vegan and so is the gravy.  Why eat vegan food?  Eating too much red meat is linked to colorectal cancer.  In addition, not enough roughage in the diet is also linked to colorectal cancer.  Roughage is also known as fibre and helps to clean out the colon.  With this in mind, it now makes sense to keep the skins on the potatoes when you mash them since it is a way of adding more roughage to the mash.

Fry's Pepper Steak-style pie is pretty good.  The pastry is great and the filling is tasty. Put this with some mash, veg and gravy and you got a heart warming dinner.  

Remember, that eating too much in the way of processed food even if it is vegan is not considered healthy due to other factors such as added salt.  

Now you can see that being a vegan is not that difficult, hopefully you will stay on the eco vegan path. Please leave a comment, share and subscribe to my blog.


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