Vegan Scramble Egg Breakfast


Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 4th of January 2023

There are many breakfast ideas you can have, but this one I tried recently.  It comes straight out of a packet from the Tofoo Co Ltd and tastes great!  I tried it on toast with a vegan sausage, tomatoes, and onion.  It only takes 4 minutes in a frying pan to heat up, and then it is ready.  For an added bonus, the packet says you can add vegan mayonnaise to it to make egg mayonnaise.

How did it taste?

It tasted great.  It was not exactly the same as egg; however, it was very tasty.  It lacks the creaminess of scrambled eggs, but I was fine with that since the flavour and texture were great in their own way.

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