Vegan Dinner Ideas

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 13th of January 2023

You are new to veganism and you are stuck for ideas.  Well, this is the blog for you!  These dinners are simple, tasty, and you can look them up anywhere.  So, don't let today's date put you off, get reading and be inspired!

Tofu steak, fried rice with fried cabbage

Marinade a good chunk of tofu, then fry it.  Serve it with fried rice and fried cabbage.  This is super easy and leaves little washing up.

The trick to a great tofu steak is to not over press it.  By this, I mean, don't flatten it with the press; just press it on a lower setting, so it genitally squeezes out some water.  Now let it marinade for a day and be sure it is fully submerged. 

Stew and dumplings 

There are plenty of stews and casseroles to choose from: bean, lentils or even mock meats.  I like to use something called TVP, which stands for Textured Vegetable Protein or TSP, which is Textured Soya Protein. 

TVP is great in stews

Vegan dumplings

Vegan sausage casserole

 When you make the dumplings, be sure to get the suit that is suitable for vegans.


Vegan Hot-dogs 

Yes, you can get vegan hot-dogs and there are many varieties and brands.  You cook them just like you would the meat ones and eat them in the same way in a dog roll and with onions, tomato sauce and mustard.

Nut roast

Incidently, a nut roast is surprisingly good even when cold the next day.  It comes in a packet and you mix the contents with cold water and leave for about 5 minutes.  You then pour it into the provided container and roast it.  It is far better than it sounds.

You can buy them from Holland and Barrett and they come in different flavours.  I have seen them in other vegan supermarkets too, so have a look around using Artisan nut roast or go straight to the Artisan Grains website

Kiev, mash and peas

This is such a classic and is so easy!  You can buy really great Kiev from a range of brands in a range of supermarkets.  Nonetheless, I like the ones from M&S Plant Kitchen the best because they are firm and hold their shape, not to mention having a great garlic filling. 



Yes, you can even get vegan curry sauces that you just have to add tofu or a mock meat too or just veg.  I like to have a cauliflower curry from time to time.  I like to make my own curry sauce with cashew cream, but if you are not the kitchen type, a vegan curry sauce in a jar will be completely fine.


I hope that you liked this blog and if you do try this recipe, please let me know how you got on and what it turned out like. You can leave a comment in the comments below.




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