Go Plastic Free In 4 Easy Steps

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 5th of July 2022   

You have decided to go plastic free, but you don't know where to start.  If I assume you know nothing and are a complete newbie, then at first, it can seem overwhelming as you realise just how much plastic is used from packaging to the product itself.  This blog will give you a great head start in making the transition to a more sustainable life, but it is only the beginning.  


Plastic in the ocean is a huge problem to wildlife.


  1. Remember to take your shopping bag with you.
  2. Use reusable produce bags. 
  3. Stop buying anything in plastic.
  4. Swap your soap in plastic bottles for solid soap bar, including shampoo bars.  

Remember to take your shopping bag with you.

This is a really easy thing to do.  Keep a shopping bag in your car or by the door and remember to take it with you when ever you go out shopping.  You can get a plain one or one with a pattern on, or even a picture that reflects what you are into.  This is mine. 

What will your bag say about you?  You can get bags in different sizes and with different handle lengths.  You can get them in different colours and different materials.  The thing to remember when buying a shopping bag is its strength and suitability.  For instance, will you carry it over your shoulder or in your hand?  If it is in your hand, get one with a shorter handle, or it will drag along the floor. 

Use reusable produce bags.

Wave goodbye to plastic bags.   These can be very handy when shopping.  When you get to the check-out and pay for your goods, you can put the loose veg and fruit in these produce bags that are made out of anything but plastic. I got mine in Waitrose.

Stop buying anything in plastic.

Now you have your shopping bags, you will need to put something in them.  When you go shopping, ask yourself a simple question: 'Is it in plastic?' This may seem simple, but sometimes the plastic is hidden.  Why do you think we all drink infused tea? Because the teabags have plastic in. 

What is single use plastic? 

This is plastic that is used once and then discarded.  You will find it everywhere. 

  • Look for loose fruit and veg.
  • If you can afford it, get a veg box from an organic grower.
  • Resist those treats in plastic.


Swap your soap and shampoo in plastic bottles for solid soap and shampoo bars. 

You might think at first that these bars are expensive, but they last so much longer than you think.  My last shampoo bar lasted eight months!  You can, if you want, pay for the really expensive stuff, or you can look out for the deals in the local supermarket. For instance, I got two bars of Eco Warrior for £4.  Making this swap is fun and saves on the plastic from the shampoo bottles.

If you are using liquid body wash, it will come in a plastic bottle.  Just swap it for a bar of soap and enjoy the experience of a guilt free shower. 

As you get into this lifestyle, you will find there is a lot more to it than in this blog.  You will have to go through every area of your life. 


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