5 Easy Prep Vegan Dinners For Fast Living People

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 8th of January 2022

If you are a fast living fun seeking youngster, you will be looking for meals that are ready in a jiffy and take no time to prep.  Well, read on 'cause this is the blog for you.  These meals are easy, fun, and high on taste.  As a bonus, they are even healthy.  Vegan rules right?  Let's get started! 

1. Sweet and Sour Tofu

This is so easy to do, and it is ready in under 20 minutes.  Yes, you need to prepare the tofu, but it is worth it and takes little effort.  All this dinner needs is some veg, tofu, onion, bell pepper pineapple and rice so all you have to do really is cut up the veg and bell pepper, open a can and then fry it.  For the source, just use a jar from the shop. Check it is vegan, obviously. 

Sweet and Sour Tofu is so easy

Before moving on to the next dinner, really give the sweet and sour a chance because it is a great dinner. Just look at those succulent pieces of tofu and imagine that sweet and sour sauce.  Fantastic stuff!

2. Roasted vegetables

I used to live on this when I first became a vegan.  Very easy to prepare and requires little attention while cooking.  As a bonus, it is cheap and has little washing up!  Pick any veg you like, but if you don't try roasting a nice chunk of cabbage, you will be missing out. Yes, it is that good!  I always have roast potatoes because, well, who doesn't like roasties?  You can, however, have roasted sweet potato, for that extra vitamin A, instead of white potato or even have both!  Yum!

Roast potatoes with

You can make some gravy to go with it and have a delightful bit of bread such as focaccia to mop up the remains at the end. Lovely!


3. Vegan Chow Mein

This is top for flavour and is super quick.  There is no shame in using a packet sauce if you are in a hurry and just want something quick.  I understand you got deadlines to meat at Uni!  Therefore, chopping up some veg and bunging them in a frying pan with an enjoyable chow mein sauce is totally fine.  If you want to reduce the carbs, spiralize some courgette/zucchini instead of noodles.  Very nice, very quick, very little washing up. 

4.  Canned dinners?

Yes, I know they are not considered healthy, but they are quick and effortless.  All you have to do is open a can!  You might need to put some rice, pasta, or vegetables with it.  Nonetheless, this is an easy option and there are loads to choose from. 

5. Vegan burger and chips

Why not?  You can throw it all in the oven, and it is done in less than 20 minutes!  What could be simpler than that. You have absolutely loads of vegan burger options to pick from including ones that are just like meat.  Of course, you can get nutty burgers or just plain veg burgers too. 


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