Ideas For Vegan Christmas Dinners

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 10th of December 2021

Christmas is on the horizon and it is your first vegan Christmas.  What do you have for Christmas dinner?  Most people are going to want something traditional and mega exciting.  So, what do you prepare that is not going to disappoint yourself or your family?  You could leave it to the last minute or just take a chance on the day. However, everyone else will be doing a  rehearsal  of the big day in order to be sure of success.  Families never mind doing this.  You don't ave to pull out all the stops; nonetheless, its perfectly fine to test out the centrepieces for your Christmas dinner, such as the meat alternatives.  By this, I mean you can just test it out one Sunday for dinner or have it in the week with some low-key boiled veg.  Whatever you decide to do, I strongly advise that you start testing out ideas now if you are not certain what your diners will like.

No Beef Wellington

Wicked Wellington From Wicked Kitchen On A Chopping board And Sliced Open
Wicked Wellington From Wicked Kitchen

You can make your own or buy one ready made.  I have always gone for the ready made type that you can get in any supermarket.  I had the Wicked Kitchen Wicked Wellington before and it was much better than I expected.  I thought it would be spicy like some of their other products, but it wasn't.  In fact it was so good I have to include it as a possible option for that special Christmas dinner.  It is worth noting, this Wellington is freezable. 

No Turkey Parcels From Sainsbury's 

I had one of these last year and thought it was one of the best things I had ever tasted.  Yes, it was really that good!  However, these are not suitable for freezing so you have to order them near the time.  Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that is closer to the usual meat eaters Christmas dinner, this might be for you.

VBites Turkey Style Roast

This is a very tasty dinner with at added beauty of being able to carve it.  The texture is great and it taste good too.  If you are looking to keep it traditional, this may be the dinner for you.  Since VBites do a gammon style roast too you could have the two together for a really grand dinner time experience. 

Plant Pioneers No Gammon Roast with Maple Glaze

This is something I would really like to try this year.   Just look at it! A few slices of this with the VBites turkey style roast will be fantastic!

Plant Pioneers No Gammon Roast with Maple Glaze 450g

Plant Pioneers No Turkey Crown with Sage & Onion Stuffing

Something else I would like to try this year is the No Turkey Crown from Plant Pioneers.  I plan to have this with the No Gammon and usual trimmings.


What about all the trimmings?

Well, what about pigs in blankets?  You can get pigs in blankets from This.UK and pigs in duvets from  Plant Chef.  Most if not all supermarkets are doing vegan food this year. 

Pigs in blankets and duvets

 The above list is just some examples, so check out your favourite shop for the vegan options. 


Shroompups in Blankets and Sage & Onion Vegan Stuffing Balls
Shroompups in Blankets and Sage & Onion Vegan Stuffing Balls

Shroompups in Blankets and Sage & Onion Vegan Stuffing Balls
Shroompups in Blankets and Sage & Onion Vegan Stuffing Balls

For me, at least, Sainsbury's was the clear winner and the supermarket I ended up getting most of my food for this Christmas since most other supermarkets had very little to offer on the shelf.   

I hope that you liked this blog and if you do try this recipe, please let me know how you got on and what it turned out like. You can leave a comment in the comments below.


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