Boxing Day Dinner For Vegans

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 13th of December 2021  

Boxing day is a much loved dinner in the UK.   When going vegan for the first time, festivals can be a difficult one to negotiate.  Looking on the bright side, the modern vegan alternative industry has provided us with many options.  vBites Gammon Style Roast is one of those great options.  Although it is better hot than cold in my opinion, you could have it cold with double mash.   I had mine hot with mash and pickles and it was truly magnificent! 

Double mash sweet potato and white potato mashed together.  For that extra nutrition, add some nutritional yeast with B12 to the mash.  Server with whatever veg and pickles you have left over and this is an English traditional Boxing Day dinner you will love.  It is worth noting that vBites do a Turkey Style Roast too, so you can have one or the other or even a bit of both. 

Since cold meats are the usual for English people, any kind of vegan cold meat or slices of vegan ham will do.  It is also notable that the meats can be hot.  I will be having Plant Pioneer no gammon this year with there no turkey crown with mash and pickles, obviously!  

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