New Year's Dinner Ideas For Vegans

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 19th of November 2021

You really need to start planing now and to make your orders or you might miss out.  If you are a traditional English person, you will be looking for that ideal roast dinner that makes everyone's New Year's day.  However, if you have just turned vegan, you might find it easier to find that special dinner if you are prepared to think outside of the box. Since New Year is only a few weeks away, it is best to start think and preparing for it now. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a dress rehearsal to find out what you like best.

No Beef Wellington

This is a great one for any New Year or Christmas.  Have to say, that I was really impressed with the Wicked Wellington for Wicked Kitchen.  This is one of those dishes that you just got to try because trying to explain it would never do it the justice it deserves.  The mock meat in the middle is covered in a mushroom coat and wrapped up in a light flaky pastry.  Fantastic hot and even cold the next day.

Eastern Style Roast Vegetable Dinner (Vegan)

Fabulous dinner and another favourite of mine.  Comes with pomegranate carrots, maple roasted parsnips, courgettes that soak up all those flavours and a few extras like sun-dried tomatoes.  However, it is the blood gravy that really makes the whole dinner.  You got to give this one a try especially as it is a a popular dinner for vegans at Rosh Hosannah.  Very tasty and full of goodness.

vBites Vegan Gammon Style Roast

This is a fantastic option that you can rely on.  A lovely taste and texture to this mock meat that even needs carving.  It will fill your kitchen with a great aroma to bring anticipation to your dinners. Add some cranberry or apple sauce to this dish and you will have a great New year's dinner for you and your family or friends.

I have given you three great dinner ideas for New Year.  Please let me know if you decide to try one of these and how your day went.  Please like, share and subscribe to my blog for more dinner ideas.


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