Vegan Is Not Just About Food

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Updated 2nd of October 2022

After being a vegan for a bit, you might start to realise that your clothes are made from animals. The same rules apply to clothes as it does food and toiletries, which is to ovoid anything that is an animal product. With that in mind, when we need a new item of clothing we need to look out for that vegan option. If you are female, please bear in mind that I am not and so look at things from a very male perspective. Getting back as to what to do, when we shop, for instance, for a tie, we need to make sure it is not silk.


Avoid anything made from animals.  Speaking for myself, I like linen or cotton. Linen is made from the flax plant and is better than cotton because it dries quicker; nonetheless, they are both made from plants making either one suitable for vegans.



Belts are one of the biggest offenders with many people owning a leather belt.  Look for belts and other accessories that are not made of leather.  The one in the image below is made from recycled inner tubes, but there are other types made from other materials. Search the internet and see what you can find.  

Use search terms like:

  • plastic free belts
  • vegan belts
  • environmentally friendly belts
  • ethical belts

 Ethical superstore sell belts just like the one in the image above.

 I found the belt in the image above in a local charity shop.


Look for jeans that don't have a leather patch as a label.  

Vegan jeans have no leather patch like these from M&S

Not vegan jeans have a leather label. However, this label is a kind of paper making these jeans vegan


Many socks are vegan, but some are still made out of wool.  Cotton is good, but bamboo is better.  I find bamboo soaks to be soft and comfortable. 


The same rules apply to shoes as to everything else: ask what is it made from?  It is possible to get shoes, trainers, and even boots all suitable for vegans.  For instance, Dr Martin have made a vegan shoe for decades.   However, they are not the only ones, so keep a look out and spend so time searching the internet for local or online shops to fit your needs.  Even Adidas have a vegan shoe called Superstar

In conclusion, you can get everything that you require without the need for any animals to die.  You can get outerwear and underwear.  You can get bags and accessories, so hopefully you have been inspired and will look out for those vegan clothes and fashion items. 


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