Beyond Burger Review

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 10th of September 2021 

Last time I tried this burger it was a frozen one.  This time i tried the fresh one, but was it worth the price?  I must be honest, the only reason I tried it at all is because it was going for less than half price.  I resent paying so much for a vegan burger because it makes me feel exploited  by some company instead of valued.  Anyway, I can add that to the negatives at the end, but know this: it is not all bad. 


Does it taste like a meat burger?

Yes, It tastes like a meat burger.  I loved the way it smells when cooking and I liked the way it cooked too.  I had it in a bun with some tomato, mustard, BBQ sauce, onion and chilli and I could still taste a really great burger through all that flavour.  Obviously, I tried some without the sauce and pickles and it was still great tasting.  

What is the issue with the burger?

The issue is not the burger because the burger is fantastic!  No, the issue is the price and the fact it comes in plastic packaging.   On the whole, I feel exploited and unvalued by an obviously greedy company!  The burger is way over priced and Beyond Meat obviously does not really care about the animals or the world because if it did, there burger would not be in plastic!

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