Swap Your Plastic Toothbrush

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 2nd of July 2021

This mouth is plastic free July.   If you are new to this way of living, you way feel overwhelmed by it; nonetheless, don't worry.  Take it step by step.  One of the easiest things you can do is to swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. 

You can get ones with replaceable heads, one piece or children.  You can also get hard, soft and medium. Once you have finished with your toothbrush, you pull out the bristles, which can be recycled and put the the wooden part, which can be recycled in the recycling. 

Replaceable head

Ready for recycling

Where to get them from

  • You can get them from the supermarkets since Colgate do a bamboo toothbrush. 
  • You can get them in zero waste shops.
  • You can buy them online. Just look for Bamboo toothbrushes. 

I hope you decide to give this a try. If you do, please let me know what you thought in the comments or on twitter.  Please like, share with your friends and subscribe.   


  1. Don't support Colgate. They experiment on beasts.

    EthicaSuperstore.com sells wooden toothbrushes and vegan, cruelty-free toothpaste. I've gone with Georganics' beech toothbrush. You can collect at least 10 brush heads together and send them in an envelope for free to them and they'll recycle the nylon bristles, and they sell aarge metal jar of toothpaste so there's no astic, and larger jars have a larger volume relative to their size because of the square-cube law, so it uses comparatively less material.

    1. Thanks for the info on Colgate. Although your suggestion sounds great, EthicaSuperstore.com doesn't exist. Can you check the link? Did you spell it wrong?

    2. On closer look i can see that it is missing the L and should be EthicalSuperstore.com

      I checked it out and it seems good. Thanks.

    3. I checked out the store. Although i didn't get toothbrushes, i did get a neat little tabletop brush and pan and a vegan belt. I was very pleased with both especial the belt. I had been looking for a vegan belt for ages. Thanks.


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