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Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 25th of June 2021

Zero waste is the idea of having zero waste from businesses and households.  It is an ideal that we may never fully achieve and is more of a goal that we aim for.  For instance, some food packaging is unavoidable.  However, with new shops like Unwrapped form the prospect trust the problem of food packaging could be a thing of the past. Although some changes still need to be made to reach zero waste, this kind of forward thinking is taking us in the right direction. Unwrapped is about 3 - 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral in Ely, England heading towards the Police Station and is situated near the lighthouse community centre.

What was on sale?

Lentils, beans, pasta and other food items as well as toiletries and cleaning products.  I saw non vegan food, which was a little disappointing and not all the products where zero waste.  Nonetheless, they did have dispensers  for the pasta, beans and lentils, see figure 1,2 and 3. 

Figure 1, dispensers.

Figure 2, food in dispensers. 

Figure 3, lentils in dispensers.

In addition, they had other types of food containers, see figure 4.   

Figure 4

While i was there i had a vegan sausage roll, which was great. It wasn't very meaty, which is good if you don't like the texture of meat, yet it was tasty and i would have it again.  However, it was served to me in a cardboard box with a wooden spoon neither of with i needed.  Next time i will take my own plate and cutlery.

Vegan suasage roll from unwrapped in a cardboard bowl
Vegan sausage roll

How it works

Customers bring in their own food containers and fill them with a single food type.  The customer then pays for the food minus the tare weight of their container.  In addition, the shop also has soaps for sale with no packaging (naked) .  Furthermore, they also had vegan cake.  In short the shop sells food and toiletries, but not everything is vegan or zero waste.  However, it is still worth visiting and i wished we had one in Newmarket or better still in every village, town and city! 


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