Vegan Starter Pack

By McDonald, T.  |  Up dated 10th of June 2021

First, you have to realise that veganism has a philosophy that goes with it.  It is not just about food or health.  There is the whole idea of not using any animal products or destroying the environment where animals live.  With this in mind, we can see that thinking about different aspect of a product is necessary before we buy. 

What You Will Need To Get Started

  • Food ideas such as recipe books and blogs.
  • An understanding of the importance of B12.
  • A place to shop.
  • Enthusiasm to spread the word.

Food ideas such as recipe books and blogs

  • Vegans Of Faith has a great vegan selection of meals and ideas.
  • This page at the Vegan Society has links to great vegan recipe books and has its own recipe section to check out. 
  • The BBC have a Vegan Food page.
  • Join a vegan club, follow vegan Facebook pages, join vegan twitter groups and watch vegan YouTubers.  In short, seek out the online vegan community on social media because you will get lots of tips this way.

Learn how to prepare tofu

Tofu is great because it is packed with protein and calcium.  You might already know, there are different types of tofu: silken, firm and extra fir each with slightly different nutrition .  Subsequently, I use the extra firm because it has more calcium and protein.  When it comes to using tofu, i find it best to drain it, freeze it, thaw it and press it with a tofu press

Tofo press
Tofu press

An understanding of the importance of B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to depression and irreversible nerve damage, so it is best to take this problem seriously.  Fortunately, VEG 1 from the Vegan Society, which is now plastic free, or other B12 supplements are easy to find and very affective.  Moreover, B12 can be found in many fortified foods such as nutritional yeast, many mock meats and yeast extracts like marmite.

A place to shop

As i said earlier, veganism is not all about food; veganism means nothing can be tested on or made from animals.  Therefore, suitable shops both in town and on line must be known.  

Local shops that stock vegan goods

  • Tesco has a great range of vegan foods such as Plant Chef and Wicked.
  • Sainsbury's have vegan food.
  • Waitrose have a selection of vegan foods.
  • Co-op have been stocking vegan foods from brands such as Suma.
  • Aldi have vegan food. 
The import factor is to look for the vegan sign or the word vegan on the packaging. 

Online shops in the UK

Best vegan shops that i could find in the UK. 

Best Vegan and Plastic Free.  Toiletries, kitchen stuff and other no food things.

Enthusiasm to spread the word

Get excited about this modern way of eating and living.  If you are feeling up to it, join the vegan society who will send you ideas and give you the opportunity to get involved by volunteering. 

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