Vegan Pies

Written by  McDonald, T.  |  Date 26th of April 2021

Vegan pies are great!  I find the pastry to be fantastic and the filling to be satisfying.  Above is a Plant Chef no meat vegan pie, which i had with mash and cabbage.  The pie filling is seasoned Seitan in gravy that was great although it did seem a little light on the filling.  On the whole this pie was differently a winner with me and not the only one.  Yes, plant Chef have another vegan pie.  

Plant Chef Vegan Pies

The Plant Chef Savoury pie has mushrooms in, but i felt it was a little thin on the filling.  It was, however, still very tasty and had a great pastry case.  

Savoury Pie

Vegan Pukka Pies

Vegan chicken and mushroom pie.  In short, this had a great filling, but there wasn't much of it.  However, it was a nice pie and the pastry was OK.

Vegan Chicken Pie

Vegan mince and onion pie.  This had more filling and had a great taste.  Out of all of the pies i tried, this was one of the best.  I do like a good pie and this is one that i will be trying again. In addition, I liked the pastry and it really did have that meat pie feel about it in every mouthful.

Vegan mince and onion pie

Fray Bentos Pies

The name springs rise to anticipation of a fantastic feast in a pie.  Although the pastry is vegan it does not differ from their non vegan pies in tastes and texture.  The filling is fine with a rich tasty gravy and mock meat bits. 

Fray Bentos Vegan Pie

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