Vegan Bangers And Mash

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 10 of April 2021

Bangers and mash has always been a great comfort food.  Now vegans can share in the comfort of a banger!   Since this is vegan, i strongly suggest adding some nutritional yeast to the mash and a little to the gravy for those extra B vitamins and that all important B12 vitamin.  Serve with cancer busting broccoli and peas.

Richmond Meat Free Sausages

I had been wanting to try these sausages for a while and they where worth the wait. 

Plant Chef

These have been my favourite for a long time.  There are the chipolatas, the herby bangers and caramelised onion meat free bangers.  Anyone of these is great!  

Plant Chef Caramelised Onion Meat Free Bangers

Wicked Kitchen 

Wicked Kitchen do a Chorizo style sausage that is really good.  Just imagine these with some mash potato, peas and gravy. Yum! 

Mock Meat And Nutrition

It is always a good idea to look at the labels at the nutrients including the salt.  Mock meat with have lots of fibre, but also salt.  However, they usually contain protein too.  Some mock meats are even fortified with B12 and iron. 

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