What Is Beyond Sausage Meat Like?

Written by  McDonald, T.  |  Date 28th of May 2021

I wanted to try out something new, so i tried a Beyond meat Beyond Sausage, a type of vegan sausage.  I chose Beyond meat because i had heard a lot about it and i wanted something meaty and i had not tried this before. Overall, i really liked it, but it was expensive.  The thing i like the most was the flavour and the slight crisping to the skin.


  • Tastes really good will a fantastic texture. 
  • Cooks easy and is still good if it is over cooked. 
  • Freezes well.
  • Easy to cut up and use in other recipes.  For instance, i chopped up a sausage or link as there are sometimes called to put on a skewer to make kebabs.
  • High in protein and fibre


  • Comes in single use plastic packaging.
  • Very expensive.


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