How to make Charoset

Written by  McDonald, T.  |  Date 28th of March 2021

Charoset sometimes called Haroset is a traditional food at Passover and has special meaning on the Seder plate.  The Seder meal tells the story of passover from the book of Exodus.  This particular part of the meal represents the mortar used to make bricks by the Israelites who were enslaved by the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Since i don't drink alcohol, i have used pomegranate juice.  I have used pecan and pine nuts, but you can use any nuts you like for instance walnuts or almonds are fine to us.


  • Apple x 1
  • Apple sauce x 1 tsp
  • Golden syrup x 1 tbsp
  • Pecan nuts x 6 - 8 chopped
  • Pine nuts x a sprinkle
  • Ground almonds x 2 tsp
  • Cinnamon  1/2 tsp
  • Pomegranate juice


  1. Chop the apple and nuts then soak them in the pomegranate juice
  2. Add all the other ingredients immediately and stir
  3. You should end up with a lumpy thick past

 Happy passover!


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