Vegan Steak With Bread Sauce

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 27th of February 2021

Vegans have no need to go without a steak!  This steak from Vivera is brilliant and so tasty.  On the downside, the plastic is not yet recycled.  However, this is a really good stake and makes a great meal.

This dinner would be better with a vegan peppercorn sauces, but I couldn't find a vegan one in time so I used bread sauce instead.  Next time I will make my own peppercorn sauce or have it with gravy and vegan horseradish sauce.  The instructions said to fry in oil for 8 minutes. Add some veg and chips with it and you have a tasty dinner to please most people.  I noticed that this steak fries well in a pan with either garlic or chilli infused oil.  Most noticeably, the steak is firm and has great texture for those that miss the texture of meat.

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