Best Sites For Vegan Nutrition

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 10th of February 2021

You have completed Veganuary and now you want to continue as a vegan.  

Take The Time To Look At These Websites

NHS Live Well

Gives first rate information on your dietary needs.  The Eat Well section of the website will give you expert advice on achieving a well balanced diet including how to get your 5 a day.  It also covers vegan diets, so this is diffidently not one to miss.

The Association Of British Dietitians  (BDA)

A magnificent website with the sole prepose of delivering top quality nutritional information.  Very good for those wanting to delve a little bit deeper into nutrition.

The Vegan Society

Beautiful website that will give you an outline of deferent areas of nutritional needs.  It is tailor made for vegans and has expert advice from Heather Russell The Vegan Society's resident dietitian.  If you visit only one site for vegan nutrition, please make sure it is this one!

Useful Apps To Help You On Your Way


Cronometer is a great site that I use a lot.  It allows you to track your food and nutrition.  The easy to use interface will predict the items as you type and will even let you add new items.  The app returns a chart and breakdown of the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional facts about the food you have eaten.   You will be able to keep a diary of your food and its nutrition. 

My Net Dairy 

This is another site that allows you to track what you are eating and gives information on nutrition of food.


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