Are You Impulsive?

By McDonald, T.  |  Updated 8th of February 2021  

Many people allow their subconscious to bully them around, making demands and expecting those demands to be met immediately.  It will fill the mind with sensations and images in order to manipulate the conscious mind into action.  If we allow the body to control the mind and be at the whim of the body, we are said to be impulsive. The body only knows it has needs. Sometimes it's useful for a person to respond to instincts say when reflex reactions save a person from harm.  However, we hear all the time about impulse buying and eating on impulse and they are never linked to anything positive.  People get into debt and lose control of their weight.  It can get worse if people give into other temptations leading to wrecked marriages or relationships and even addictions. 

The Body Wants Gratification Without Thinking Of Consequences

With this in mind, and if we continue with the mind and body as two separate entities analogy, the mind needs to find away of  reasoning with the body.  Often we can see this when we are busy, for instance, have you ever told yourself i will have a cup of tea after I have done this?  In this example, the body is asking for a cup of tea and the mind is saying i need to get this job done first and then the body can have the cupper.  This requires communication between the body and mind.  In some people the body will try to terrorise the mind by filling it with imagined threats and dangers.  

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Mind and Body Communication

How can a person improve the communication?  There maybe many different therapies out there to improve the relationship between the mind and body, but some will say that all a person needs to do is fast.  Yes, that is correct, I did say fast.  However, fasting has rules we must all pay attention to.  

  1. You are not trying to lose weight although you are likely to so you must be of healthy body weight or above. 
  2. If you have serious medical conditions then it may not be wise to fast from food.  
  3. You are not trying to make yourself ill or give yourself an eating disorder.  

For Christians, fasting is a way of offering something to God and praying in its place.  So, giving up dinner and praying instead.  When fasting, the body will complain and start to ask for food and then it will start to demand food and distract the mind with ideas of tasty meals that could be had.  Likewise, if the body is fooled into believing it will get some pleasure from buying a something or whatever, it will use the same tactics and that is the reason fasting can help.  When a person fasts they train the body to listen to the mind and trust the mind.  As a result, the mind becomes used to the demands of the body and saying no to the temptation.  If the person doesn't use the rosary at a temptations high point, the person may give into the temptation and then later feel shame and defeat.  This is why, using the rosary is key to the successful training of the mind over the body and results in dedicating quality time to God.  

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Trust In God And Help Others

It is worth noting the similarities to the book of Genesis when Adam and Eve fall pray to temptation.  The Serpent like the body doesn't trust the authority.  The will of Adam and Eve is to do the will of God as the mind has information that it trusts as fact.  The Serpent said it will be OK you will not die as the body says to the mind it will be OK no harm will come to you.  However, once Adam and Eve give in to temptation they feel guilty and ashamed just the same as others do when given in to temptation.  We all know there are things we shouldn't do whether it is buying things we can't afford in the long run or eating something on impulse or wanting something that is not ours.  Praying and fasting is the way to conquer these impulses and temptations. Once you start to recognise the change in yourself after years of praying and fasting you may be tempted to look down on those minds that are weaker than yours, but that is a trap.  Always try to help others by using your new strength. 

In a nutshell, the body has needs and wants them met immediately without considering anything else and manifest as impulses, which can make a person look inconsiderate, selfish and thoughtless not to mention causing the individual numerous amounts of financial and health problems.  The answer for this problem is to create a health communication between the body and mind threw prayer and fasting, which is a way of exercising the authority of the mind over the desires of the body.  Once we grow in strength, try to help others rather than becoming proud and boastful.  I predict if you are realistically able to fast, you will start to feel the strength and help other grow too in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

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