Vegan Steak And Kidney Bean Pie

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 13th of January 2021

This is from Fry Bentos!  The name springs rise to anticipation of a fantastic feast in a pie.  Although the pastry is vegan it does not differ from their non vegan pies in tastes and texture.  The filling is fine with a rich tasty gravy and mock meat bits.  


Broccoli is packed with nutrition! First, what is broccoli? Broccoli is from the cabbage family and is thought to have cancer busting properties.  The cabbage family on the whole is seen as a great food for health and is even mentioned by the Romans.  Broccoli is good at flushing out benzine rings, which are linked to cancer. Broccoli sprouts seem to be the best for removing benzine rings, but I like to eat broccoli and cabbage most days.  100 grams of broccoli contains vitamins A, C and K.  Mainly C and K vitamins and is a good source of roughage.


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