Vegan Sausage Rolls: Yay or Nay

By McDonald, T.  |  Updated 25th of March 2022

I used to love a good sausage roll for a snack or for my dinner, so when i saw these vegan sausage rolls from Birds Eye's Green Cuisine range I had to give them a go.  On first inspection I noted minimal packaging: just a cardboard box, which is great.  Thankfully, they cooked beautifully in the oven and tasted fantastic!  The pastry was perfect too, so light and flaky.  Subsequently, I will definitely be having them again in the future.  I had mine with chips and some veg. 

Since writing this blog, I have tried many different sausage rolls both frozen and ready to eat.  All of them tasted great to me, for me at least, sausage rolls have become a regular in diet.

Gregg's also has a vegan sausage roll,  I tried this with a friend at work and we both loved them.  The Gregg's one was definitely better hot than cold, but it was great for a snack at work.  Again the pastry was fine and i would have one in the future.  

With yet another conquest by the vegans food makers, go vegan has never been so easy.  It's no wonder that vegan foods are really taking off in the UK. 

If you have tried these, post a comment and let me know what you think.


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