Vegan Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 14th of January 2021

You will likely see a lot of great vegan recipes this month that will cover breakfast and dinner, but what about the all important lunch?  What do you put in a sandwich? Well i have done some testing and this is special.  Squeaky Bean Pastrami is vegan and even comes in a neat eco friendly package and, yes, it passes the cold and naked test.  For those of you that don't know about this test it is a simple question: does it taste OK on its own and cold? 

I can tell you that it looks OK, smells OK and tastes great!  I thought it best to have in a nice vegan roll with some vegan cheese alternative with jalapeno peppers, Hellman's vegan mayonnaise and some chilli relish.  The cheese alternative was from Free From and is called 'Free From Alternative To Jalapeno Chili Cheese Slices'.

I put it in the oven for a bit until the cheese started to melt.  You can, if you want,  just have it cold and put it in your lunch box.  In any case, this makes a great vegan lunch.  Adding a few pickles is a good idea.  I added slices of gherkin and red onion to give it that little extra something.  The vegan mayonnaise is another option if you feel you need it.

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