Vegan Fry Up

Wicked Kitchen Vegan Chorizo style sausages with This is not bacon facon, beans, mushrooms and tomato on a white plate with writing on it
By McDonald, T.  |  Date 9th of January 2021

Want an English fry up? Well this is just that, but with a twist! The sausages are Chorizo style and everything is vegan.  The sausages come from Wicked Kitchen and the facon (This is not bacon) comes from This.  Put these two products on a plate with some beans, fried mushrooms and tomato, and you have a breakfast that would make any meat eater jealous!  

The sausages are great, spicy, tasty and have a meaty texture.  Although it says in order to get best results put under the grill, they fry up fine.  The facon is fabulous, but I wish they where a bit bigger.  Nonetheless, they taste great, but don't overcook them or they will taste yuk.  On the whole this is an easy breakfast and both filling and satisfying.  It is worth noting, the facon contains high levels of protein and is fortified with iron and B12.  In fact, this breakfast gave me 4mg of iron and 27g of protein!  This breakfast also delivers 13g of fibre.  So what is the drawback?  Well, it does contain a lot of salt; however, not so much that is spoils the party as long as no salt is added by you.  

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