Breakfast Without The Oink!

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 22nd of January 2021 

So far this is only the second fake bacon or facon i have ever tried.  However, both have been great, but have their own characteristics.  The two facons i have tried are This is not bacon and Naked without the oink.  While This is not bacon has a more meaty texture, without the oink looks more like bacon with its two colours and shape.  Both are great but what i like about without the oink is you can do more with it.  You can wrap it around a vegan sausage, you can lay it on something like a vegan steak or a roasted cabbage for instance.  Without the oink tastes bacon-ish and, I think, has an OK texture, it cooks quick and will start to crisp.   In short I was very impressed with Naked without the oink facon. 8/10

Both facons are great in a sandwich and contain a lot of protein.  For a bonus, they both have added B12.  Hopefully by now if you have been following Veganuary, you would have realised that going vegan is easy.  If you are a meat eater wanting to make the transition, you have lots of comforting options to choose from. 

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