Why the West is Unhappy?

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 12th of December 2020

Growing up I would often hear things like, 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness.'  This has deeper meaning than it first seems.  We can clean the house, tidy the rooms and we can rearrange things in a more organised way, but what about inside our hearts and minds?

Cleaning the mind and house

First, lets look at how we clean our homes.  We declutter areas, getting rid of all the things we don't need.  We tidy the shelves, we tidy the cupboards, we clean the cupboards under the stairs, but what about the cupboards and shelves in our minds?  What about all the stuff we have shelved for later because we can't deal with it now? What about the broken relationships that we leave to fester in the back of our minds?  If it was something in the house we would aim to fix it right away, but if it is a broken relationship we don't?  Could this be that we don't know what to do?  If you had a broken sink in the house and you didn't know how to fix it and you didn't have the resources to pay someone to fix it, what then?  Likewise, if we have a relationship problem or feel stressed because the mind is so full of clutter, if we don't know how to fix it, the problem only gets worse.  No problem ever went away by ignoring it. For the most part, we know what to do when cleaning our homes and offices and we know that some things just need tiding while other need cleaning with soap or detergent. 

Most of us are careful not to clean the house with anything toxic, so why would we clean the mind with something less than clean?  How do we find something spiritually clean to cleanse us from within?  By this i mean are people drinking and using drugs to deal with emotions?  If so, this will have a toxic result and will not solve anything.  Some people comfort eat, which leads to more problems and again solves nothing.  Some people will turn to magic thinking that that will work, but does it? No.  What works is calming the mind down and thinking about what needs to happen.  When it comes to people, ask how would i wish to be treated?  Do you want to be forgive for mistakes? Do you want to be treated with respect?  Do you want other to respect your relationships?  Do you want people to respect your privacy? How would you feel if someone lied about you or stole from you?  In order to heal relationships we need to look at things from the other perspective.  Sometimes someone has treated us badly and we can't forgive them or just don't want them around.  If we leave this in the mind, it will just fester.  What if someone is no longer around to resolve a dispute with?  All of these thing will add pressure in the mind because subconsciously we know we need to to deal with them.  However, sometimes people can become paranoid and catastrophise about the outcome of a situation and so avoid it altogether.  Minds can be filled with unresolved confects.  This begs the question, if we use soap to clean the work tops, what do we use to clean the mind? 

You can't buy happiness

It is well noted that wanting something makes people more happy than getting it.  People imagine that this new thing they think they must have will change their lives and improve their happinesses.  If only i had a new car or house or desk or computer or phone or lover i will be happy.  However, all it does is leave a whole in the pocket and an immensely unsatisfied feeling.  People want new things that they have seen in advertising, but don't think about whether they really need it or not.  In fact, many people confuse wanting something with needing it.  This constant cycle of wanting and receiving keeps people unfulfilled  

Woman holding a white rosary

The Holy Rosary  

When said correctly and meaningfully, the Holy Rosary is great at settling the mind and is considered a form of exorcism.  Notably, those who use the rosary on a regular bases say that it eases the mind and slows things down enabling them to think.  Unlike meditation, praying the rosary is not about stopping all thought processes to focus on the moment, but to focus on the prayers and what come to mind.  As things do come to mind, acknowledge them and pray about them if needed rather than pushing them back down or out of the way. Pray about broken relationships and to be close to God.  Remember, we are meant to fall inline with God's will and not demand Him to conform to our will.  Rather than leaving things in the back of the mind, try dealing with them through prayer. Remember that the Holy Rosary is more of Devine origin than human origin.  

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