Go Vegan: A New Years Resolution

By  McDonald, T.  |  Date 28th of December 2020

In the UK it is a tradition to make New Years resolutions.  This involves identifying things that we need to change about ourselves in order to grow as a person and then completely ignore them.  However, some people do stick to their resolutions because they pick realistic ones and plan it out beforehand.   Another successful tactic is to join in with a group such as #veganuary where lots of people new to veganism or people looking to try it out support each other in person and or online.   Find out more about veganuary here then come back and read how to make it a success.

What is a vegan?

A vegan is someone that doesn't eat meat or animal products such as dairy.  Neither does a vegan wear anything made from animals. The vegan society define veganism here.

Why go vegan?

Vegans go vegan for two main reasons:

  • Don't want to harm or exploit the animals.
  • Health.

However, a new reason has come to the surface: the environment!  Yes, it is becoming obvious veganism is a lot more environmentally friendly than many first thought.  It turns out that farming has a massive impact on the environment. 

How popular is veganism? Watch this informative and friendly video

  1. There are a huge number of vegan meal ideas and recopies on this blog just look under the label vegan in the side bar or at the end of this blog post. 
  2. Plan out your shopping by planing out your weeks menu beforehand.  Remember to treat yourself with tasty vegan treats like chocolate and vegan no sausage rolls. 
  3. When shopping, look out for the vegan logo.  On the packaging near the nutrition and allergies, it should say suitable for vegans or may even have the vegan society logo on it. 
  4. Check out the your supermarkets shopping site and search for vegan. 
  5. Remember that vegans still need to eat a well balanced diet.  This means eating at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day from a variety of fruit and veg.  
  6. Sauces are a vegans best friend.  There are many great vegan sauces our there to try including black bean, sweet and sour and chow mein.  Obviously, rice is vegan, but not all noodles or spaghetti is.  Dry noodles and spaghetti usually are vegan though.
  7. Enjoy yourself looking for and eating these new foods. 

Food labels to look out for

Don't get caught out

  • Vegetarian doesn't mean vegan.
  • Free From is not always vegan.
  • Linda McCartney is not always vegan.

Some advertises have noticed that veganism is hot and so label it as vegan and bump the price up.  You don't need to spend £5 on a burger or two.  You can get great deals if you look around the store. 

Good names to look out for:

  • Plant Chef (Tesco).
  • NoBull (Iceland).
  • Plant pioneer (Sainsbury's).
  • Plant Kitchen (M&S)
  • Love your veg.
  • Wicked.
  • Fry's.
  • Ginsters (Has vegan pasties).
  • Quorn (Not all Quorn is vegan, so pay attention to the label).
  • Green Cuisine (Bird's Eye). 

Sign up to veganuary here.

I hope you enjoy going vegan in January so much that you stay vegan. 

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