Vegan B12 Bomber Breakfast

Vegan breakfast on a plate

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 14th of November 2020

If you have been a vegan for any amount of time, you will know that getting enough B12 is essential! This breakfast will not only satisfy your hunger it will give you a big hit of B12.  Despite the lack of meat, there is no lack of flavour in this amazing meal to start the day.  

What is in it?

  • Mock sausages 
  • This.UK mock bacon
  • Fried potato patty
  • Fried Cabbage with seasoning 

Where is the B12?

Note not only is This.UK mock bacon fortified with B12, so is the nutritional yeast that is mixed into the mash potato patty.  In addition, the yeast extract on the toast is also fortified with B12.  For extra B12, have it with a glass of vegan milk. 

This.UK mock bacon with Plant Chef vegan chipolatas on a plate
This.UK mock bacon is fortified with B12

Yeast extract on toast
Yeast extract is fortified with B12

With this kind of breakfast you can't go wrong.  However, I have learned that it is better to shred the cabbage and fry it rather than frying a big chunk of cabbage. 

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