Best Vegan Websites

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 2nd of November 2020

If you are looking for that special present for someone or even just yourself, take a look at these sites. All the sites in the blog have vegan and plastic free products and some even sell some food. All sites, however, are mainly about the bathroom and kitchen.  Although each site is similar and provides similar products and brand names, all are a little different.  All sites do gift packs and have a good selection of men's toiletries. Being vegan and going plastic free has never been so easy.


What does it sell?

Eco-friendly and plastic free products.

Sells a reasonable range of goods for a new or experienced vegan form a range of different brands.

  • Vegan toiletries.
  • Bathroom stuff. 
  • Kitchen stuff.
  • Home
  • Baby things.
  • Pets stuff. 
This is perhaps my favourite in that I have used it many times and it has my washing detergent which is TruEarth.  I found great gifts for people at this site.

Animal Aid  

What does it sell?

Animal-friendly, but not plastic free.

Sells a whole range of goods from chocolates to toiletries form different brands.  Worth a look but does seem on the pricey side. 

  • Toiletries.
  • Clothes.
  • Accessories.
  • Chocolates.

Has a large selection, so check it out for yourself.


What does it sell?

Eco-friendly and plastic free products.

Sells mainly kitchen items.  Not my favourite site, but i do love the lunch box and toothbrushes with bamboo container that i got from this site. 

  • Kitchenware.
  • Lunch boxes.
  • Some bathroom cleaning products.
  • Reusable sanatory pads.
  • Tea.
  • Books and cards.

I have not listed everything on their site and they may add or remove items from time to time. 

Metal lunch box


What does it sell?

Eco-friendly and plastic free products.

Sells a range of household cleaning stuff and toiletries. 

  • Kitchenware including soap for dishes and oral care. 
  • Reusable bread bags
  • A good range of bathroom produces including soap and other beauty products. 
  • Things for babies.
The above list is just an example of the exciting range of goods at this site.

What does it sell?

This shop has a smaller range of goods, but i noticed a good price on the toothpaste tabs.  Mainly toiletries. 
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