Best Vegan Food Shops

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 23th of November 2020

In the beginning there was no plastic.  Although some of these stores still have a lot of plastic, many of the goods are plastic free and vegan.  Take the time to look at the goods and be sure about what you are buying before you buy it.  If you are still not sure about some items, read my reviews and watch my videos on what i thought about the goods.  

Alternative stores

Has many different brands and a good range of foods including chilled and frozen goods.  At current they also sell shoes although the men's range is very limited.  On a positive note, they have some really great washing powder for very reasonable prices! Yay!  If you like chocolates and sweets, you will have plenty of choice.  Boxes of vegan chocolates and single bars are available.  Furthermore, things like polish and toiletries are also available.

Vegan Store

This has a great range of ready meals, confectionery and toiletries.  The ready meals are cans of curry and things like beans and burgers in a can.  They also have Dutch Apple Cake!  Plenty of sweets and treats as well as essentials like nutritional yeast with B12. 

The Vegan Kind 

Has lots of brands that you will recognise and some new ones too.  This store not only has a wide range of food it also has toiletries and clothing too.  Take the time to check this store out since it has all sorts of goodies including sweets, chocolate and mock meats.  

In the High Street

You may have noticed that vegan goods have been appearing in supermarkets across the nation.  I have found great vegan goods in Tesco, Waitrose and the local coop.  Keep an eye out and keep the pressure up on the shops and politicians in order to make the nation fully vegan. 


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