New Year Food Ideas

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 10th of November 2020

This time of year needs a great list of food and recipe ideas to choose from.  In the past it has been traditional to have meat dishes; however, veganism is more common these days.  So, if you are a vegan or have vegans to cater or, don't worry, I have included vegan options to the menu.

  • Apples and honey or maple syrup (Vegan if you use maple syrup)
  • Pomegranate carrots and leaks (Vegan)
  • Challah and honey
  • Brisket roast dinner
  • Fish with the head still on
  • Roasted cabbage with potatoes (Vegan)
  • Brisket in tomato sauce with pasta
  • Mediterranean butter beans with pasta  (Vegan)
  • Seven veg couscous (Vegan)
  • Beetroot and leak (Vegan)
  • Honey cake
  • Fruit cake

Apples and honey or maple syrup 

This makes a great little snack or appetiser during the festival.  Cut the apple into strips and dip into the honey or maple syrup if you are a vegan. 

The fun doesn't stop there!  You can chop some apple up and have it with chopped dates, pomegranate and maple syrup with cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

Pomegranate carrots and leaks (Vegan)

The leaks represent cutting off ill will against you.  The pomegranates represent the hope of many blessings. Cook them in some vegan butter, balsamic vinegar and garlic.

Roated leak and pomegranite carrot

Pomegranite in a blue bowl on an autumn day

Challah and honey

This is a white bread with a sweetish taste that goes well with the honey or maple syrup.  Great as a snack or appetiser.  I like to have mine with maple syrup rather than honey.  Look out for the vegan versions.

Challah bread with maple syrup on a chopping board

Brisket roast dinner 

Perfect for a new years day dinner!  This is the grand finale for meat eaters and a classic dish for new years day. Roast potatoes, carrots and leaks will keep it firmly in tradition.  If you are a vegan, exchange this for the Roast Cabbage and Potatoes.

Fish with the head still on

The head symbolises the head of the year and the fish should be minus the tail because you really don't want the tail.  Vegans can exchange this one for the Roast Cabbage and Potatoes.

If you don't like fish or are a vegan, this is a great substitute for the the traditional meat meat dishes for this time of year.  The cabbage represents the head of the year in this recipe.  

Brisket in tomato sauce with pasta (Can be veganised)

This is a great recipe for that left over brisket.  This dish is quick and easy to make.  In addition, it is easy to veganise by replacing the meat with a mock meat alternative like Quorn.
There are many variations of this classic dish: here is mine.  The couscous represents many blessings while the seven vegetables represent.  100% vegan.

The beetroot and leak symbolise cutting off those who mean us ill will.  This is cooked with additional vegetables. 100% vegan.

Honey and apple cake

If you can still find it, you will love it.  If not you will have to look around for a good recipe.  The apple and honey represent a fruitful and sweet new year.

Fruit cake

This is served for much the same reason as the apple and honey cake.   We are looking for a fruitful year ahead.


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