Why Complain?

By McDonald, T. | Date 10th of August 2020

Have you been complaining a lot? Have you heard others complaining?  Have you ever wondered why people might complain?  If people feel they are not resected, they will complain. However, it goes deeper than that.

People who are afraid will find something to complain about if they have no legitimate reason to complain; however, sometimes people need to complain.   For instance, many of us will say something about the way that people are dressing in Church and we have a legitimate reason for doing this. We are afraid that people are not listening to God and that the West is descending into anarchy. Both men and women are showing a lot of flesh in the House of God, which indicates a lack of understanding. Notably, marriage is almost a thing of the past even among Christians. People have so many different partners in their lives they have stopped seeing the point of getting married.  Sometimes people are afraid but don't know how to express it; as a result, they complain.

Christians suffer persecution and it is different from anything before. This is more than just being called names; this is an out and out attempt to destroy Christianity and our way of life. Many people seem preoccupied with money, power and being a sex symbol. Subsequently, many of us feel fear because we know what kind of judgement God passes on such cultures. We fear a Godless society where the schools turn the children away from the family and make them feel that the state is their parent guardian. Many of us have seen churches that are more like a show than a service. We feel fear because we feel so helpless. We pray, but nothing happens or changes then we wonder if it is something, we have done to displease God that He would ignore our agonising anguish. As a result, all we can do is watch in horror as the moral thread in Western society is pulled out and our culture falls apart at the seams. Additionally, demons are portrayed as Heroes by Western media while Angels are portrayed as villains.  The heavy persecution invokes feelings of fear some people complain.

People feel helpless because when we tell people that something is wrong and point to it so there is no misunderstanding about it, we are then told we are complaining. Furthermore, anyone that complains about the dismantling of Christian life is made to feel bad.

Sometimes people are afraid of dying so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid of another day, so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid of being alone, so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid of being unloved, so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid no one will like them, so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid they can't pay the rent, so they complain.
Sometimes people are afraid the end is near, so they complain.
Sometimes people need to complain.

Sometimes a complaint is a protest at some injustice and if people do not listen to the complaint then the intensity of the complaint escalates.  What if God is making a complaint about us and we are not listening?

I think it is important to pray and fast about such things and i also think it is a smart move to remember how much Jesus suffered for us.


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