How To Pray The Rosary

By McDonald, T.  |  Updated  5th of August 2021

You may of heard of the rosary beads, but did you know there are actually 4 sets of rosaries? Each set is said on different days; however, you can say all of them on the same day if you want to. Each rosary has five decades with the day's mysteries being announced at the beginning of the Rosary.   Each mystery is announced at the beginning of each decade.  You can get single decade, five decade fifteen decade and 20 decade rosaries.  

Pocket Rosary - Single decade with The Divine Mercy

Preparation before saying the rosary

Some people might like to compose themself before praying while other will leap straight in!  I find it is a good idea to think about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit before I start.  Let the mind relax and then start praying.

The 4 Rosaries

  • Glorious Mysteries (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • Joyful Mysteries (Monday and Saturday)
  • Luminous Mysteries (Thursday)
  • Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesday and Friday)

Start by making the sign of the cross followed by an optional introduction prayer.  Next comes the Apostle's creed followed by an Our Father.  The next three Hail Mary beads are for: 

  • faith
  • hope 
  • charity

Next comes another Our Father bead; however, there is a Glory Be that is said in the space between the third Hail Mary and the Our Father and before saying the Our Father you announce the first mystery.  Now follow the diagram above, note that the Fatima prayer is optional, until you get to the end of the last decade, a run of ten Hail Mary's, then say the Hail Holy Queen prayer.  At this point you can decide to say another rosary in which case you will announce the first mystery of that rosary. 

If you decide to say all the rosaries, you will notice they give an outline of Jesus's life from His announcement to Mary right through to His death, resection and subsequent accension into Heaven.  It also reminds us of Mary's assumption into Heaven and Coronation where She is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth.

    Joyful Mysteries

    The five Joyful mysteries 
    1. The annunciation to Mary.
    2. Mary visits Elizabeth. 
    3. The nativity.
    4. The presentation of Jesus at the temple.
    5. Jesus is found teaching in the temple aged twelve.

    Luminous Mysteries 

    The five Luminous mysteries:
    1. Jesus is baptised in the Jordan.
    2. The wedding at Cana. 
    3. The proclamation of the Kingdom of God.
    4. The transfiguration.
    5. The institution of the Eucharist.

    Sorrowful Mysteries

     The five Sorrowful mysteries:
    1. The agony in the garden 
    2. The scourging at the pillar 
    3. The crowning with thorns
    4. Jesus carries the cross through the streets of Jerusalem
    5. The crucifixion  


    Glorious Mysteries

    The five glorious mysteries:
    1. The resurrection.
    2. The Ascension.
    3. The decent of the Holy Spirit.
    4. The assumption of Mary into Heaven.
    5. The Coronation of Mary. 



    I hope that you find this blog useful.  Peace be with you friends! 


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