Church Services Go Online

Since the lockdown, churches have long last had to think outside of the box when it comes to reaching people.  Many churches had no option but to live stream and post content online, which has been great for many of us that can’t get to church in the first place.  Here are some of the best services, churches, preachers and priests I could find. 

St Mary’s parish in Ottawa (Catholic)

This was one of the best services I have ever witnessed!  The singing was beautiful, I really liked the strong evangelical message and I agree with the comment that broadcasting services should be the norm.  You must ask yourself, 'Do I want to reach as many people as possible.' If the answer is yes, then posting to the internet is the way to go. I am very excited after attending mass at this church.  I liked this so much that I have been to mass everyday this week. Both Fr. Mark Goring and Fr. Ken Lao are brilliant with good, strong and clear messages.  Both have YouTube accounts worth watching and subscribing.

Time Square Church (No denomination)

Time Square Church has been posting services online for years and has a style that is familiar to many Baptists even though TSC is of no denomination. The style of worship is refreshing and powerful.  The church was set up by David Wilkerson who sadly died in 2011.  Since then, Pastor Carter Conlon was senior Pastor until he was preceded by Pastor Tim Dilena in 2020.  Pastor Carter Conlon is one of the best preachers I have ever heard. Carter Colon The Battle That Rages For Your Mind.

Why getting online is important.

Not everyone is able to get to a service. Some people can't leave the house. I have been able to access a Catholic service for the first time in my life and it has been great. Where I live there is very little going on and the churches are usually closed. It is difficult to even find a church on twitter. I can help churches get an online presence because I used to volunteer doing just that but for charities.

It is not just up to the Church to get online you can evangelise online too. 

There is a lot of free editing software out there just waiting to be downloaded. If you have a Windows machine, you will have access to movie maker. If you have a Mac, you can get iMovie and use that. All computers come with a camera, but if you are looking to broadcast to a big screen you will need a 4K camera at least. I have a Fujifilm X‑T30, which is great quality, but will only record video for 10 minutes at a time.  It is more for stills.  The point I am making is that you must get the right equipment for the right job.  Nonetheless, we have the internet to consult about these things. That is what I did.  I usually compress my video before uploading to save on upload time and space.  

If you are in a congregation and you want to do something online, here are some suggestions:
  • Share this post by using the share button.
  • Share peoples testimonies and church services by using the share button.
  • Make a short video of your testimony. 
  • Make a short video about your life as a Christian.
  • Write a Christian blog.
Obviously, you can add to this list with ideas in the comments below. Peace be with you all.


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