Vegan Bacon Cheese Burger

Written by McDonald, T.  |  Date 21st of February 2022

Why should any vegan miss out?  Well, we don't.  This is an amazing burger that will have you wanting more!  Tofu may not sound exciting, but when prepared correctly, which takes minimal effort, it happens to taste very meaty when fried.  You can make these burgers as big or as small as you like, or even double them up.  


  • Tofu 80 g slice is small, 120 g slice is big, 160 g slice is a whopper!
  • Vegan cheese slice x 1
  • This is not bacon rashers  x 2
  • Vegan bun x 1
  • BBQ sauce x 1 tsp


  1. Fry the tofu in some vegetable oil for 8 minutes on each side on a medium heat. Cooking appliances may vary, so keep an eye on it; you don't want it to burn just crisp a little.
  2. Fry the bacon sub as per instructions. 
  3. Add the vegan cheese on top of the tofu in the pan, so it melts. 
  4. Put the tofu in the bun, placing the facon on top. 
  5. Add some onion.
  6. Spread some BBQ sauce on the inside of the top bun and put a dollop of tomato or chilli relish on top of the facon.  
  7. Serve with salad and chips.


This turn out better than you might expect.  The tofu is great when it is pressed all night and lightly fried in vegetable oil.  Once the cheese and substitute bacon are on top with the sauce, you will be in dream land!  Really fantastic!


You can, if you want, also add some onion rings to the burger. 

I hope you decide to give this a try.  If you do,  please let me know how you got on in the comments below.  Bye for now!


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