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The Walk Of Witness

By T. McDonald   | 20 April 2019 People from churches all over Newmarket gathered together at the Bill Tutte memorial on Good Friday morning for a service. The service included singing and readings at two locations around Newmarket with a walk of reflection in between. The Bill Tutte memorial was the location of the first stage of the two part walk of witness. The service started at 10:45am with a reading and some singing in glorious sunshine. As I sat listening to the singing, I could not help noticing the variety of people attending the event from young to old. Furthermore, the vibe of the crowd was very friendly considering the large size of it; it was not intimidating in the least. Immediately after the singing, we walked down the main road then to the guineas to the next location. As we walked, a lady said to me that we should walk in silence and reflect upon the Easter message, so I did as she asked. I found it difficult, however, to imagine what it would have been