The Walk Of Witness

By T. McDonald  | 20 April 2019

People from churches all over Newmarket gathered together at the Bill Tutte memorial on Good Friday morning for a service. The service included singing and readings at two locations around Newmarket with a walk of reflection in between.

The Bill Tutte memorial was the location of the first stage of the two part walk of witness. The service started at 10:45am with a reading and some singing in glorious sunshine. As I sat listening to the singing, I could not help noticing the variety of people attending the event from young to old. Furthermore, the vibe of the crowd was very friendly considering the large size of it; it was not intimidating in the least. Immediately after the singing, we walked down the main road then to the guineas to the next location. As we walked, a lady said to me that we should walk in silence and reflect upon the Easter message, so I did as she asked. I found it difficult, however, to imagine what it would have been like to carry a cross knowing I would die on it. For Jesus and the people being crucified at the same time there was no hot cross buns and polite chit chat at the end of it for them as there was for us: just a slow and gruesome death. 

The second part to the walk occurred outside the library and consisted of more readings and singing after which we headed to All Saints Church. This time I plucked up the courage to join in with the singing and again I took a moment to look around me. To my surprise, I noticed the number of young families attending on this beautiful day. To the right of me a young family enjoyed the service together while to the left a woman spoke drawing my attention. She introduced herself and we spoke about the meaning of Easter and the message of forgiveness before introducing me to her husband. 

After the service, I went to claim a hot cross bun and a cup of tea at All Saints Church. While waiting in the queue, I could hear people happily chatting away and the friendly feeling seemed to float in to the room. I engaged in friendly conversation with some people about education and religion were i was reminded of alpha groups.  I diffidently enjoyed the experience although parts of the service was sombre.  I would do this again.

Easter services are on Sunday 21 of April 2019 with more events planned in the future.


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